Welcome to Frameworks Coaching Process (FCP) Online!

The Frameworks Coaching Process (FCP) is a unique self-reflective process that rapidly moves you to the core of an issue, provides fresh perspective and innovative solutions. Whether you are looking for new directions or seeking clarity of vision, the FCP will help you reframe your decision making process to include your intuitive sense, and assist you to move forward in harmony with your values and integrity.  By acting with intention, your life will evolve at a rapid rate, have deeper meaning and fulfillment, and you will achieve greater results.

Your purchase of an FCP session includes two aspects:

An interactive online session.  You will be guided online step by step through the process and, using three sets of cards, intuitively pinpoint key factors and resources impacting the issue you are choosing to work with.

A 30-minute telephone coaching session with Joy Drake or Kathy Tyler, designers of the FCP tool.  Your individual coaching session will deepen your understanding and interpretation of your card sequence, and help you apply this wisdom to your action steps.

FCP On-line procedure:

  • FCP Online is $50.00 (USD) per session.

  • Purchase a session by clicking the Pay Pal button below.  You do not need a Pay Pal account, you can use your Visa or Mastercard.
  • Contact the InnerLinks office and make an appointment for your coaching session.  Telephone or Email see contact page.
  • You will receive a Username and Password that allows you to log into your account.

  • Complete the FCP online steps and document cards drawn.
  • Call at your appointment time for your coaching session

To receive the most benefit from your tele-coaching session we recommend that you:

  • Schedule to have your coaching appointment to closely follow the completion of your online process.
  • Have your completed Summary Sheet to hand for reference.
  • Before your appointment, clarify what you want to focus on in your coaching session as a result of your FCP Online experience.

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